Set up Conversion Options

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Set up Conversion Options




Several options are available to customize the conversion process.


Layout: You can choose Paper Space, Model Space, Active Layout, or even All Layout to as the final layout to be used in the conversion.


AutoCAD uses two distinctly different types of viewports: the viewports you create while in model space using the Vports command, and the viewports you create while in paper space using the Mview command. You use both types of viewports to view your model from different views, but they behave very differently.


In model space you must tile the viewports you create. They lie side by side and fill up the entire display area. They are restricted to being rectangular at all times. When in model space you can plot only one viewport at a time--one of the main reasons you need paper space. The viewports you create in a layout don't follow the same rules--they can be many different shapes and sizes. They can lie on top of each other, inside each other, overlap, and so forth. You can copy, move, stretch, and erase paper space viewports.


Paper space viewports are actually considered objects. There is a method and madness to properly setting up your paper space viewports, which we'll postpone until my next column.



Export Area: You can choose Zoom Fit, Layout, Last Saved View as the export area.


Enable lineweight: When this option is checked, you will be able to activate the setup of lineweight in the process of conversion.


Remove hidden line: Hideen lines in CAD drawings can be automatically removed when the CAD drawings are converted into image files, as long as this option is checked.


Select layout and layer during conversion: When this option is checked, you opt to specify the conversion options only when the conversion starts.


SHX font, Xref block: Some CAD drawings employ SHX fonts and XRef blocks, without which the CAD drawings would be otherwise not handled correctly. Issues such as loss of fonts, missing of objects, might occur.