Understand the Interface

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Understand the Interface




Easy CAD Converter is easy-to-use. Your primary interface for controlling the operation of Easy CAD Converter are the buttons, which include the most common operations.




Select File(s)


Add one or more drawing files to the Conversion List. Multiple drawing files can be selected by pressing the Shift key or Alt key on your keyboard. This button will be clickable only when Converter Input is set to Input File(s).


Select Folder


Add folder to the Conversion List. The available file formats that can be added are DWG, DXF and DWF. Once a folder is selected, Easy CAD Converter automatically search for DWG, DXF, DWF files in the folder. You can opt to specify which file type(s) should be skipped for the search in Search Type(s).




Remove the selected drawing file from the Conversion List.


Remove All


Remove all drawing files from the Conversion List.




Browse for a folder as the output folder where all converted drawings will be output to.




Once you click this button, Easy CAD Converter will start the process of conversion.




Get this help.




Close Easy CAD Converter




Register Easy CAD Converter online or purchase a license for Easy CAD Converter and get the registration code to unlock all the blocked features in Easy CAD Converter.