Work with Conversion

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Work with Conversion




Easy CAD to Image Converter helps you have your conversion done quickly and easily. You can convert a single drawing file or multiple drawing files by following the steps given below.



Topics in this section



Choose Conversion Mode


       You can choose to convert a single drawing or multiple drawings.


Add Drawings to Conversion List


       Add your drawing to the conversion list or add your drawings from different sources to the conversion list.


Remove Drawings from Conversion List


       Remove one or more drawings from the Conversion List.


Set up Conversion Options


       You decide whether to search for drawings in subfolders, whether to keep the folder structure in the output folder as the source folder etc.


Specify Output Format


       The output format can be one in BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG, and TGA.


Select Output Size


       Allow you to specify the height, width of the output image.


Specify Output Folder


       Specify where to save the output drawing files.