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Work with Drawing Files

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Work with Drawing Files







You can open drawing files in DWG or DXF or DWF formats. When you open a drawing file, you can change the view by panning, zooming, rotating 2D and 3D objects, or restoring a saved view. To manage visual complexity, you can turn layers on and off when needed. You can access two working environments with Model and Layout tabs.

Topics in this section

Open Drawing Files

Open drawings and specify file locations just as you normally do with other Windows applications.

View Drawing Files

There are different ways to view and navigate files with Easy CAD Viewer including working with tabs, colors, panning, and zooming.

Control the Display of Layers

Layers are like transparent overlays on which objects in a drawing are organized and grouped together.

Control the Display of Colors

Your drawings can be viewed in true color, gray color, and B&W (mono color) mode.

Control Plotted Lineweight and Linetype

Lines used in your drawings can be adjusted in their type and weight.

View and Change Properties

You can work with the summary or properties of your drawings. Either view or change them.