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Viewing Drawing Files







There are different ways to view and navigate CAD-based drawing files with Easy CAD Viewer including working with tabs, panning and zooming.

Topics in this section

Work with Model and Layout Tabs

Two working environments namely model space and paper space are accessible by the Model tab and one or more layout tabs.

Pan or Zoom a View

Reposition the view in the drawing area or zoom in or zoom out to change magnification.

Rotate 2D

SteeringWheels are tracking menus that are divided into different sections known as wedges. Each wedge on a wheel represents a single navigation tool. You can pan, zoom, or manipulate the current view of a model in different ways.

Rotate 3D

The ViewCube is a 3D navigation tool where you can also switch between standard and isometric views.

View in Full-Screen Mode

ShowMotion provides an onscreen display that can be used to play cinematic camera animations. These animations can be used for presentation purposes or to navigate through a design.

Load Previous and Next Drawing

When you have multiple CAD drawings in your specific folder, you can load the previous and the next drawings without opening them.

Open Recent Drawing

A list of drawings recently opened with Easy CAD Viewer are remembered. You can open these recent drawings quickly and easily.

Associate Font, Xref, and Other Objects

Some CAD Drawings require additional resources, such as fonts, images, Xref files, to make it display properly.