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Prepare Drawings for Plotting and Publishing

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Prepare Drawings for Plotting and Publishing







You can prepare your drawing for plotting or publishing by setting up page settings. These settings are initially stored in the drawing file with the layout, however you can adjust the settings of its page setup before plotting or publishing.

Page setups are associated with layouts and stored in the drawing file such as DXF, DWG. The settings specified in a page setup decides the appearance and format of your final output. However, you can modify the settings of a page setup at any time.


Topics in this section

Overview of Page Setup Settings

A page setup is a collection of plot device and other settings that affect the appearance and format of your final output from a layout tab. These settings can be altered and applied to other layouts.

Select a Printer or Plotter for a Layout

Choose a printing or plotting device for your drawings to be printed or plotted.

Select a Paper Size for a Layout

Select paper size from a standard list.

Set the Plot Area of a Layout

Specify the plot area to determine what will be included in the plot.

Adjust the Plot Offset of a Layout

Change the printable area of a drawing for output to a plotter or other printing devices.

Set the Plot Scale for a Layout

Set a precise scale for the layout or fit the image to the paper.

Determine the Drawing Orientation of a Layout

You can specify the orientation of the drawing on the paper using the Landscape and Portrait settings.