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Use Layers to Manage Complexity

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Use Layers to Manage Complexity





You can reduce the visual complexity of a drawing and improve display performance by controlling how objects are displayed or plotted or saved in several formats. For example, you can use layers to control the properties and visibility of similar objects, such as internal walls and external walls.

Work with Layer States

On the right side of the software user interface, you can easily find a dock window called Control Panel. This Control Panel has several items such as Layer, Layout, Color. You can click the Layer tab and get the list of all the available layers. As illustrated in the following example, the drawing has 16 layers. Each layer uses a specific color to mark the layer,

layer2 layer3



Control the Visibility of Objects on a Layer


You can make a drawing layer visible or invisible by checking or removing the tick before the name of the layer. Which layer to be turned on to be visible or turned off to be invisible depends on how you work and on the size of your drawing.


Layers is useful if you need an unobstructed view when working in detail on a particular layer or set of layers or if you don't want to plot details such as reference lines.